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Lunar Family Three Generations

Welcome to The Lunarian Matriarchs webpage.

             This site is dedicated to the women of Lunarian Royal Family of the House of Serenity. Queens and Princess all, these women have ruled their kingdoms for millennia with the power of the Silver Crystal.  All have been fair and beloved rulers who cared for their people and sacrificed much to keep their people safe.
This site touches on the lives of three best known members of the House of Serenity, Queen Serenity former ruler of the  Silver Millennium, her daughter Neo-Queen Serenity the current ruler of the 30th century Silver Millennium also known as Crystal Tokyo, and Crown Princess Serenity of Earth daughter of Neo-Queen Serenity and first in line to the throne.
These three women are not only Queens and Princess, but warriors as well. Each has defended their people against threats, to the death if necessary. The current Queen and her daughter have taken even more active roles in the defense of their people and trained as Guardian Senshi.
The women of the House of Serenity all share some identifying characteristics. They all carry a golden crescent moon symbol on their brow. They all carry a sailor crystal within them that manifests physically as the Silver Crystal when they use their power. They also traditionally style their hair in to two buns with long ponytails trailing to the floor. The bun’s shape however is unique to the individual. Currently Princess Lady Serenity shapes her buns into a rabbit ear style, while her mother and grandmother both chose the classic orb style of bun.

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